The Line Rapist (dien) wrote in metaquotes,
The Line Rapist

Gays vs Violence

zenicurean speaks sagely about the acceptability of violence versus homosexuality in RPGs:

Haven't you heard? It's perfectly okay to deal with mind-numbing, soul-destroying personality disorders, death paid for in cash, the destruction of families and the murder of innocents. Just shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die, it's fun for the whole family. However, the subtlest of indications that a guy might conceivably like the rod melts the brain like a popsicle, screws up the mental development of entire generations, and makes Communist Muslim Cthulhu rise from the dark depths of R'lyeh to savage us all. The players would be out on the street, huddling in some urine-soaked corner and babbling incoherent blasphemies. And shooting heroin. In their eyeballs. For shur.

Context was locked down to prevent it scarring The Childrens. QWP.
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