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We've been wrong for years! It wasn't the Greeks at all!

Subject: Mexicans created the olympics

So my brother and I were watching The Mask of Zorro, because it rocks.

JD: I like how he can throw the whip, and it makes a perfectly tight knot he can swing from, then it just comes loose again.
me: It's a difficult skill to learn. Indiana Jones sells how-to videos, I hear.
JD: I bet they worked together. Very similar.
me: Internet pen pals, and all.


me: Wow, lookit that tree. It has gymnastic bars growing out of it.
JD: Duh. Mexicans, like.. created the olympics.
me: Because of their trees.
JD: Yep.


me: Eh, did they cut something out, or did those slave guys just run reeeeeally fast?
JD: Olympics, remember?
me: Oh yeah.

- phantasmrose, with permission from a locked post.

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