Marina (sabrina_il) wrote in metaquotes,

rohaa is writing her Master's thesis in Biology:

Like, we need an updated evolutionary theory. (Creationists are going to have a party about that, btw) The fight goes thusly:

Biology: We has an evolutionary theory! Yay!
Physicists: Ur theory be suxx0rs!
Biology: Noooooes, lookit, proofs!
Physicists: We has order generating theory too!
Biology: Okies. Pretty. But um. Ants are not molecules.
Physicists: We no need individuality and ecology and environmental factors. WE HAS A MATH!
Biology: But here, no be molecules. Be more tricksy.
Physicists: Ur STUPID. You biology peoples just don't UNDERSTAND us.

My main problem here is how to not end up saying: "So the biologists have good reason to feel attacked, as their central theory is, you know, ATTACKED. Also, those Physicists and chemists should shut the fuck up and get their own affairs in order first. They can't even agree on a proper definition for self-organisation and complexity within their own ranks, and then they come barging into biology with their fancy models and theories and attacks on evolution, while they generally don't even UNDERSTAND WHAT EVOLUTION IS?? DIAF."

Are we surprised yet that science has been muddling around a "new evolutionary framework" for nearly two decades now, and has made no progress?

Context is locked, loaded and ready to take on some PhDs, QWP.
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