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Man Vs Feline

Chapter Three, in which A Cat Wins (sort of).

We also discovered that Aki has a penchant for beer and cigarettes. He would greedily lick the lid of The Boyfriend's beer can when he wasn't looking, and chomp away on cigarette butts in the ashtray.
The first time this happened he grabbed the overturned ashtray, and shook it at the cat. "You.. you.." he sputtered. His ears were beet red and any minute now, he was going to pull his hair out. He started hyperventilating so I touched his arm and gently said, "Who's evolved?" He scowled at me, and I asked again, "Who's evolved?" until he sighed and dutifully answered, "Me."

Thumb opposition ftw!

Context is winning the war going on for our minds.

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