Alice in Neverland, second rabbithole to the right (hermione_like) wrote in metaquotes,
Alice in Neverland, second rabbithole to the right

From this post in madhuri567's journal:

Bianca: take arms against a sea of troubles and by WHAT end them?
Bianca: i forgot the word
Me: take arms against a sea of troubling and by wanking end them
Bianca: wanking doesn't make much sense
Me: wow, it looks so much dirtier in old english font
Bianca: this is lucida handwriting, right?
Me: no it was old english text. very sexually repressed font
Bianca: yeah? does font have sexuality?
Me: fonts have sexuality
Bianca: yeah? do you slash them??
Me: hell yeah
Bianca: are you making up subtext as we speak?
Me: Times New Roman/Arial is the new H/D
Bianca: O_O
Me: and don't even get me STARTED on the unresolved sexual tension between Tempus Sans ITC and Verdana
Me: Wingdings, is of course, the playboy font, and will screw anything that's italic
Me: Comic Sans is the desperate virgin, and Lucida Sans/Lucida Handwriting is the token incest ship.
Bianca: erm...
Me: the deathmatch of the font fandom=- Helvetica/Rockwell or Helvetica/Harrington?
Me: I think that Harrington should just get together with Franklin Gothic and end the whole mess
Me: but Helvetica of course was brutally dumped by Verdana, and therefore might need someone slightly curly and pretty like Harrington to take her mind off it
Me: but Rockwell does have this rather strong and silent appearance
Me: I'm undecided!

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