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I've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life" and get this all the time.
Rainbow Brite!
shaysdays wrote in metaquotes
Imagine, for example, that you are at a party. Someone says, "OMG, have you seen Firefly?" And then you say, "Yeah, I watched it. I thought it was pretty-" and they're already off and running, talking about how great it was, and then other people come over, and they all circle jerk about how fantastic the show is and OMG LETS QUOTE LINES AND SING VERSE AFTER VERSE OF THAT SONG ABOUT JAYNE BEING A HERO BECAUSE UR NOT A TROO FAN UNLESS YOU HAVE IT MEMORIZED!!!11!!!1! And you're kind of like, "Yeah, um, it's a good show," but now you're subjected to endless fangurl/boi squeeing.

Alternately, having not seen it, when they say, "OMG, have you seen Firefly," and you said, "No, I haven't, I'm really not intere-" and they're off and running with "OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE IT I WILL LOAN YOU MY DVDS IF YOU SWEAR ON A STACK OF BIBLES YOU WILL TREAT THEM BETTER THAN YOUR OWN CHILDREN." And you're kind of like, "I have lived my life this long without seeing it and feel no gaping void in my soul, so thanks, but no thanks."

gwynethfar doesn't fap in polite company.

I feel the same way about Dr. Who and Harry Potter.

I get this all the time too, as someone with an MFA in Film Studies who has yet to see The Godfather entirely through.

You are not alone. I haven't seen it either.


So this one time I went to a party, and around 6am, when it was light again, the people there decided I was inhuman because I gave up on Buffy after S2 and never saw anything much of it that made me want to go back to it. They started singing songs from Once More With Feeling at me until I went and stood in the garden with no shoes on, mouthing, "YOU ARE ALL BASTARDS AND I HATE YOU" through the window until the topic of discussion moved around to why I was inhuman for not feeling the need to mainline Firefly (which I actually liked, just not that MUCH).

... how much of that was fansquee and how much of that was cocaine, I will never know, but the two should NOT be combined.

That must have been some party. I almost wish I was invited (but not that much because drugs make me nervous).

This post describes exactly why getting into Firefly doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I'll like it, yeah, but oh my god the rabid fans. (Of course, those rabid fans exist for everything, so no one can ever really escape them)

You know what'd be fun? Waiting for one of those rabid fans to finish a gigantic squee-fest, and then say "well, I was kinda interested till you started with all that."

Tone of voice: snide.

She's got a really nice voice. Also, I love the song.

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I just reply with the same attitude, only about Beavus and Butthead. Lately, people just slam the door in my face when I show up at parties.

That is just fucking brilliant.

Oh my God, that's exactly how Twilight fans react at my job....

UGH, same here. It's insane. NO, I do not like this stuff (and personally I find it very poorly written), and no, I don't want to hear you go on at length about Bella and the sparkly vampire or the werewolves.

What sucks is Barnes & Noble is having a party for the newest one on August 2nd, and I may be forced to work that night. Bleh.

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And this is why I entirely avoid fandoms, and don't get phased when people say, "nah, haven't seen it/don't care to." Hey that's great, man, and more power to you. I'd just appreciate it if I wasn't insulted right off the bat for actually enjoying it. Just because I like Harry Potter doesn't mean you can insult me for it, just like I shouldn't (and don't!) insult you for not doing so. Kthx!

Just because I like Harry Potter doesn't mean you can insult me for it, just like I shouldn't (and don't!) insult you for not doing so.

Yay to someone else who gets it! ;) Alas, the rabid fans ruin it for the sane fans.

How very depressing. =P

I admit,mention any of Joss's or Rusty's shows in my presence and I drop any pretense of being normal and phase into Rabid!Fangirl mode.

but due to the absolute lack of anyone who even knows who they are,this never happens.

Me, to student assistant earlier this week: "Hey, have you heard about Dr. Horrible?"

Him: *in sleep-deprived stupor* "Do what now?"

Me: "New Whedon."


Whedon > caffeine. It was quite impressive.

That's pretty much the reaction anytime someone mentions a Joss Whedon show.

"I have lived my life this long without seeing it and feel no gaping void in my soul, so thanks, but no thanks."

This is how I feel about religion. And, most days, sex.

(To that end, I will comment with this icon, which is all anyone will reply to me about.)

I must contradict your latter statement for the sheer purpose of agreeing about the sex thing. ;)

I have a rule about parties. If I am at one, and a TV show comes up which I have not seen, and the show is quoted more than 10 times after I say I have not seen it, I will never, ever see that show. I don't care how good it is. I don't care if watching it would OMG TEWTALLY CHANGE MAI LIFE 4EVA U GUISE. I don't care if I will die and go to heaven and, having not seen this show, NOT BE ALLOWED IN. I don't care about these things, because evidently the show never taught those who watch it about little things called "manners" and "conversational skills".

Only two shows have made it onto this list; Family Guy and South Park. I really don't feel as if I am missing out on that much.

not saying it's a bad rule necessarily, but if you expect pop culture to teach people "manners" and "conversational skills", you might want to rethink your expectations...

I have always had the same reaction with regards to Star Wars.

And Buffy/Angel (though I did like Firefly).

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I hate the fact that the anime I'm into was around when these kids weren't even all that born yet.

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