Flewellyn (flewellyn) wrote in metaquotes,

Well, THAT'S a...relief?

xuincherguixe allays people's fears about 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons:

4e isn't WoW, its...

-A spatula
-The fries you got with that
-An enraged badger
-A conspiracy of Ravens
-That large crop of Asparagus
-Antagonistic electric stars that breathe murder
-Antagonistic electric stars that breathe gerbils
-A diet coke
-An accurate horse thief simulation
-An excuse to teach trees Kung Fu
-A cunning plan
-The wolf that will swallow the sun, and the wolf that will swallow the moon
-A form of Blank Media that will replace DVDs.
-What will bring world peace
-What will end world hunger
-A large squirrel with a saddle that one can ride on
-The Dragon who arranged it's own assassination

Context may cause 3d10 Sanity loss.
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