Sir Squishington of Westminster (palmer_kun) wrote in metaquotes,
Sir Squishington of Westminster

Making money? Epic Win!

dorknessrising, being a recent immigrant, can't legally work yet, hence the following:

I've resorted to a paid survey/offer site to try and earn a little bit of extra cash, because I'm a workaholic at heart and I hate feeling like I'm not doing anything. Truth be told, it's not a bad way to earn money. I can do some of the bigger offers once I get my card paid down a little.

A lot of the higher-paid offers require you to sign up for a free trial of something with your credit card. But as long as you cancel within the trial period after you're credited your reward, no harm no foul. I made about $90 at another site with those, but that one was U.S. only and sent you payments solely by check.

I can get PAID for buying Girls Gone Wild. You don't get much better than that.

Context is qwippy.

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