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Man's Best Friend
Sister Death
quizzicalsphinx wrote in metaquotes
tharain calls the kennel to check on his beloved dog:

"I went in to see him when I came in and he wiggled and wagged his tail," she said.

"Did he?" I replied. "That's great." Funny, I thought. He's never wiggled with delight when I come home. He just stares.

"Yes," she said. "And then he did that little tap dance he does."

"Tap dance?" What fucking tap dance?

"You know, the little dance he does. He lifts one front foot, then the other, and dances back and forth."

"Oh, that tap dance." The happy tap dance I have never ever seen, that little TART.

QWP; context is here.

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Mine does the same thing. I warn visitors "Be careful, Alpha isn't good with strangers, don't try to pick him up or follow him or stand near his food bowl or blow cigarette smoke near him or pet him unless he approaches you first, otherwise he will scratch/claw/bite/spit/steal your wallet/bitchslap your children." Then of course the damn tuna-vacuum comes up of his own volition and makes himself Slut-Cat King of the Lapkitties all night.

My cat just IS Slut-Cat King of the Lapkitties. "Look at me! I'm sooooo cute! And a total ham! Kisses kisses I LURVE you. I will now place myself at the center of attention and stare soulfully into your eyes FOREVAR. Aren't I handsome?".

I think he thinks he's a dog, crossed with one of those really flaming skinny gay boys who's always kissing everyone. I almost named him Adonis, and probably should have.

Your entire comment is meta-meta material.


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