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This guy just doesn't give up...

An excellent argument for bringing back invite codes... kittybean argues with snow_angel_love and his multiple personalities... this reminds me of one of those movies where the two people start out fighting all the time and then romance blossoms...

kittybean: i find it ironic that an obvious troll like yourself is a member of trolls_suck good job. wave goodbye; you've been banned. ^_^
white_like_mike: Why would a feed I monitor make me a troll?
kittybean: this account is gone, too. wave goodbye.
_pat_: Should I change my IP address next time? I'm being uber polite.
kittybean: clever. bye again! ^_~
_homer_simpson_: D'oh!
kittybean: you keep making them; i'll keep banning them! ^_^
_bob_dole_: Bod Dole doesn't get tired!
kittybean: neither do i.
famous_person: In that case maybe you'd like to spend some time with the King. (he now has an elvis icon</i>
kittybean: elvis rocks. it's going to hurt to ban this one. regardless...
jonbenet_ramsey: dead kids?
kittybean: hahaha! that's a good one! i like it.
jerry_seinfeld: Internet trolls... what's with them anyway? Do they want to annoy me?
kittybean: hahahaha! this one's good, too. i have to give you credit - you make awesome trolls. it's too bad that you're essentially harrassing me; we could have been friends! :p
george_forman: What if I give you a free grill?
kittybean: you're persistent! i'm starting to like you. ^_^
dripping_penis: Thank God. I didn't want to have to dig up a picture for this one. Admit it - I'm pretty good for one of the most undesirable people on the internet.
kurtkwagner: *snort* You rock, Dave!
kittybean: i'm actually finding myself agreeing with you. heh.
dripping_penis: er?
kittybean: so who are you, really?

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