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igiveyoumylife provides a rationale on cheating that features baked goods.
scenario one:
person A: "Honey, you won't make me cupcakes, what gives"
person B: "I just really am anti-cupcake, the frosting gives me the willies. I can't cook them, it kind of weirds me out that you even like cupcakes."
person A goes and consumes cupcakes at local bakery
conclusion: that's fine

scenario two:
person A: "Honey, I really want you to tie me up and cane me with a baseball bat"
person B: "I am uncomfortable doing that to you, but I know you want to experience that, I consent to your finding someone who will strictly do that for you in one or two sessions. Please keep me updated about who you find and how i goes."
person A: "great!"
person B: "just don't let them bake you cupcakes! oh how I hate cupcakes. I couldn't kiss your cupcake lips"
person A finds likeminded kinkster for 1-2 encounters. maybe consumes cupcakes.
conclusion: that's fine

scenario three:
person A: "I want to be bound and caned with a bat. I am also going to bake cupcakes in your oven and then consume them over pictures of you."
person B: "I am not comfortable doing that for various reasons. And I hate cupcakes, don't defile my oven or consume them around my person, even if it just an image of me! OH GOD CUPCAKES"
person A finds kinkster, is bound and caned by kinkster. person A bakes cupcakes in person B's oven and bathes in the cupcakes in person B's bathtub and smears frosting all over every doorknob.
conclusion: not ok

More cupcakes and caning can be found in the context. I wonder how she feels about wire hangers.
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