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The Curse of Mirror!Dog

Last night, Roxie discovered a new nemesis.

The Dog in the Mirror.

Mirror!Dog was discovered in the mirrored surface of my brother's cabinet/bedstand. While Roxie has surely passed by that cabinet thousands of times, never before did she notice the evil that lurked within.

I'm not entirely sure what caused her to notice it last night but there she was, barking insanely as Rory called me into the room to see what she was doing.

Being accustomed to Roxie acting nuts for attention, I wondered to Rory if she was doing this for attention or to humor us.

I got my answer when Roxie tried to bite Mirror!Dog and looked baffled as her efforts were continually thwarted. Not that she let that deter her. She also: sniffed under the cabinet, tried to dig under the cabinet, tried to bite the sides and tops off the cabinet and when I stepped out of the room, she shut the door with her nose (the cabinet is right by the door) and tried to get behind the cabinet.

Rory wondered if maybe she was trying to save Mirror!Dog, who was trapped in the cabinet. I have no idea. But it does make me wonder about her tendency to "bark at the ball behind the tv". Does she really think the ball is still behind there? Is she just doing it for attention? Or does she think that's where the animals and people inside the tv come from?

No one knows.

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