Baby, I'm gonna do you till you can juggle. (shaysdays) wrote in metaquotes,
Baby, I'm gonna do you till you can juggle.

amandathegreat, believe it or NOT, she's waaaalking on air.

As if we needed more slacktivism besides The Great Gas Out and Not One Damn Dime Day, we now have this crazy new holiday called Drive Nowhere Day! Isn't it awesome? ALL THE FEELING OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE, WITHOUT THE PERSONAL SACRIFICE! FUCK YEAH.

Let's not buy gas for a day! Let's not drive anywhere for a day! Let's not buy anything for a day! Let's not use livejournal for a day! Let's care for a day! Then after that, we can go back to being blind consumerist assholes, because fuck if I'ma let The Man keep me from my glorious American lifestyle.

I've been bitching about this shit for years and I get nothing but the same bullshit responses every time. "At least it's something!" people tell me. "It raises awareness!" they insist. "Every little bit helps!"

Sitting on your ass is not fucking activism. Do you see how that word is based on "active," because it bloody well does not mean "a lack of action."

I realize you don't want to give up your cushy goddamn lifestyle in the name of a cause; you just want that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from not making any difference at all. Because in America, even the activists are lazy, entitled assholes! Why work when you can get the same smug self-satisfaction by sitting on your ass sending out emails about how great the movement is?

Slacktivism begets slacktivism! There are no real protests anymore. Everyone is just raising awareness, raising goddamn awareness and then doing nothing with the little, if any, awareness that is raised. So once everyone's "aware" that you can live without driving for a whole day, then what? Pat yourself on the back for awhile, horribly glad that you survived this awesome sacrifice? Are you going to make a habit of not driving, or are you just going to tell people that their little bit helped and everyone can consider it a job well done?

The people behind these things always insist that the point is to get people to make a habit of it, but the emphasis is never on that. It's always on encouraging everyone that their "little bit" counts, and they shouldn't feel obligated to do any more than that little bit because hey, they've helped!

So, fuck it. I'm not going to drive for a month. I'm within walking distance from my work, what the hell, I drive too damn much anyway. I'll get a bus pass for anywhere else I need to go, although frankly I can walk all over this damn town if I have to. How about June? Does that sound good? Anyone with me?

Context made me lol and set a goal.
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