Ana (analise) wrote in metaquotes,

The definition of scandinavia is discussed on mock_the_stupid

voksen: Scandinavia is kind of a mutable region, though afaik it does always involve Sweden. It does not always include Finland, though.
opalcat: What, like only on alternating Tuesdays or something?
voksen: Depending on whose definition of Scandinavia you're going with, and whether you're looking at it from a historic, linguistic, geographical, ethnic, or cultural point of view.

( on Tuesdays it's...?)
voksen: On Tuesdays it consists solely of men named Thor.
zenicurean: With horns on their hats.
voksen: No true Scandinavian owns fewer than three horn hats at any given time.
zenicurean: And a set of mighty drinking horns. Stored in bland, sensible IKEA cabinets.
moongazingfae: I... I'm trying to think of a witty reply but in actual fact, I'm just sitting here and giggling like an idiot.
zenicurean: They keep the bone cups wrought from the skulls of their enemies back at the sailing boat, in the beer cooler.

context is looking for a new bone cup to add to its collection
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