Papillon Cosmos (princesskraehe) wrote in metaquotes,
Papillon Cosmos

tom_kiper on international cultural relations.

Anyway, the Cherry Blossom festival is pretty cute--there's a one-room craft show and some other neat little things--but once white kids show up dressed like alchemists or Friends of Itachi and they're lining up to buy samurai swords (or, for preference, trying to navigate a crowded store while wielding a large cosplay blade) and squealing Pokemon names as they ogle shop displays, it's time to run like the wind. Is there a good analogy for this? Is it like being a Americanophile foreigner who shows up to the Fourth of July parade dressed up like Snake Eyes or Cobra Commander and all the English they know is "Yo Joe!", "Knowing is half the battle", "trouble bubble", and a pitch-perfect phonetic rendition of the Gummi Bears theme song? Well, it is what it is, in any case.

Flocked and quipped, context at least has Phoenix Wright figures.

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