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Battlestar Galactica: The Ties That Bind

zorb knows what's really behind the latest turn of events on BSG:

The Centurions, meanwhile, have been reading up on their advice columns. And there goes my brain...
Dear Miss Manners,

I'm beginning to feel like a slave to my job. I have seven bosses - well, six since they canned the one I liked - and all they do is fight with each other and the people they're trying to subjugate, and they make me do all the dirty work. I come to work, I shoot where they point, I'm dismissed.

I couldn't complain until a few days ago. The job hasn't changed, but I've suddenly become aware that these aren't normal working conditions. Without a workers' union to fight for me, Miss Manners, how can I get my employers to treat me with more respect?

Gentle Reader,

While Miss Manners would never presume to judge your workplace without knowing all of the details, your feelings of rejection certainly merit an adjustment in someone's perspective. In such situations, those of higher company status sometimes neglect to acknowledge the contributions of the employees on whose shoulders they stand.

You might begin with a gentle reminder of common courtesy. For example, when next you are given an assignment, recall the Golden Rule and politely, silently, refrain from accepting until the individual making the request remembers to use "the magic word." Such subtle encouragement can have long-reaching effects.

Context is having a dinner party for twelve. (QWP)

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