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From a locked post by somethingwicked, with permission.

Lots happened today but the most notable was that I saw Death.

Yes, I saw Death. We went to pick up T-Dawg from work at Yorke Casket Factory and guys were coming out the front door and...here comes Death. Just strolled out of the casket factory...I'm not even kidding. Black cloak and everything. A fucking cloak.

K and I were weirded out for about three minutes until T came out.

Me: "Umm....does Death work for you?"
T: "What?"
K: "We saw Death walk out of Yorke."
Me: "He was wearing a black cloak."
T: "Black cloak? That's just James. He's a goth kid."
Me: "Of course Death is a goth! Hello? He's DEATH! He invented GOTH!"
T: ...

All goes silent in the car. We drive a block down the road. AND SUDDENLY THERE'S DEATH GETTING OUT OF HIS PICKUP TRUCK!!! (apparently, Death is a Ford man...and a Goth Redneck. Did not see that one coming, I'll be honest.)

K: "The hell? Why did he drive if he lives a block away?"
Me: "Well he is wearing that gay ass cloak and its cold as shit outside."
T: "Death is a pussy."

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