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Mistful contemplates editorial suicide by teapot......

Of course, when the editorial letter first arrives - oh God, it's a great big huge pile of work and she obviously hated your book after all and you are off to the garden. To eat worms.

Then, as your coping mechanism kicks in and you're sulkily munching on your worms, it occurs to you that she may have had a point about that one thing. And maybe you have an idea to fix it.

At this point the floodgates open and you realise how stupid you've been about so many things, oh so many things, and you rush back into the house and try to assassinate yourself with a teapot for the honour of your family.

Lying on your floor a little concussed, sanity returns. This isn't helping you edit your book. And you kind of need that teapot.

Context is QWP and knows action vampire rabbits are very hot right now.......
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