firefly_124 (firefly124) wrote in metaquotes,

bluestocking79 really just wanted something to drink

Allow me to begin by expressing my appreciation of the soda can. I am very much in favor of the soda can. It is shiny and pretty, covered in eye-catching graphics and enticing words like 'vanilla' and 'zero' and 'caramel coloring.' It draws the eye and the envy of those poor souls who lack cans. It is satisfyingly cool in my hand when it has been well-chilled, and can even serve as a makeshift cold pack in emergency injury situations.


I cannot express my sadness at being deprived of the delight of calorie-free vanilla soda. I had not realized that the 'zero' of Coke Zero referred to the fact that the can would contain zero Coke.

Context thinks cans should be both pretty and functional, and is QWP.
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