A Goat with a Warning (meleth) wrote in metaquotes,
A Goat with a Warning

On the subject of dueling magic-users, wishiwasnt has the following to say:

He's seen shit, man. He came under heavy fireball attack at Enchanted Forest and lost his familiar! Starshadow didn't care what he thought about elf rights at Castle Ponyweather. There was no parade when he leveled up and got 12 more hitpoints after singlehandedly defeating the orc hordes of Lord Evillus! When you stick your hand into a pile of goo that used to be your magical flying unicorn's face, you'll know what to do! Forget it man, it's Rivendell!

And also:

I also call various Tibetan demons...at will...

Like, sometimes it'll be Sunday morning at 5am and I'll just call up Hatshepshut and be like, "Sup?" And he'll be all like, "Why you call me so early?" And I'll be like, "Shut the fuck up; I call you at will, bitch" and he'll just sit there and take it.

That's how [name removed] rolls.

Context is putting on its robe and wizard hat. Public comm.
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