Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

ursulav, on the importance of timing

Panels have been fine--light attendance, except for the one I shared with George R.R. Martin. (Dude. Talk about being outclassed on stage...) I figured it was my job to be funny, and his to be actually informative. Fortunately the man has a great sense of humor. The title of the panel was "Character Abuse." He turns to me at the opening and says "I don't feel I'm particularly abusive. Are you abusive?"

I couldn't help it. Here I am, wearing black leather from head to toe, looking like an advertisement for the House of Consensual Pain, and the man feeds me a straight line like that in front of a hundred people. I HAD to say it... "Not unless you buy me dinner first, honey."

...I blame the boots.

Context is having a fantastic time at the convention, thankyew very much.
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