Aziraphale's little friend (flamingsword) wrote in metaquotes,
Aziraphale's little friend

miriams_well says LJ is an apartment community. With annoying landlords.

I remember when Frank first sold the complex, back in early 2005. It felt a little tense at first. And there were a few of those "don't bother the neighbors too much" notices, it's true. But nothing too bad. I kept on nesting. Most importantly, I've built tons of relationships with my neighbors here on LJlandia. The new owners didn't get in the way of that, and so I was happy.

Now, I'm not sure what to do.

See, there's the new owners.

First, they started putting up billboards. Like, everywhere. HP this and Gwen Stefani that. The funny thing is, it backfires. I like Gwen Stefani. Or, I did. But I ain't no hollaback girl, and I don't like her billboards at my entrance gate. They still kept pictures of Frank around, too, but the real Frank is no where to be found these days.

Oh yeah, gates. You know those "unsightly" notices that you get in overzealous HOA's? We started getting those. Be sure to put any content which might offend behind a gate, and lock it.

Ah. Okay.

Context from Miriam's "there goes the neighborhood" post.
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