i know you get me, so i let my walls come down (thecityofdis) wrote in metaquotes,
i know you get me, so i let my walls come down

ishyface offers a quick zoology lesson...

ishyface: Dildoes "act like penises"?

Quite aside from the fact that dildoes don't "act like" anything- hello, inanimate object much?- this makes me want to set up a fuckin' Discovery Channel documentary or something. "Initally, the gentle dildo's habits may seem akin to those of the common penis..."

*cut to a shot of a beautiful herd of wild penii running free across the plains*

Their testicles would be their hooves! It'd be like they were waddling!

shenth: Discovery Channel has done worse.

Context must be approached carefully, so as not to frighten it. (Comm-locked, QWP.)
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