a discerning famewhore (jrs1980) wrote in metaquotes,
a discerning famewhore

ghoulchick has an big evening planned.

Kids: "Dinner! Play with us! Watch us do things! I need some banana bread! I need a pencil! I need help with my shoes! I need to practice typing! Let's snuggle! Et cetera!"
Email: "Read me! Respond to me! Why are you neglecting me?"
Local taxes: "Bitch, do I have to take a hostage to get you to file me?"
Trash: "Take me out!"
Recycling: "Oh, me too!"
Kids' bedroom: "Are you ever gonna finish painting me?"
Fruit flies: *taunt*
Laundry: "I'm not going to fold myself, you know!"
Me: *hides*

Context dislikes Mondays. Locked, QWP.
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