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lanyingjie studies biology

Explain why it is unlikely that any daughters fathered by R (haemophiliac and colour blind) would suffer from haemophilia or colour blindness.

Ahah! So having dutifully mugged why, this man ventures to scribble:

R must marry a Wait, who said anything about marriage! The question asked about daughters fathered by R, legitimate or otherwise. Let's try again.

R must screw a carrier for the conditi Halt! That's rather colloquial eh? Bad idea. Strike two.

R must have sex with a Stop! Oh darn, what is it now? Oh you mean I forgot about IVF and the possibility of artificial insemination? Good point.

R must mate with Now now, are we breeding R in a human testcross? So degrading!

So in frustration, I used the powers that we learnt in the mystical art of GP: answer in terms of the question.

R must father a daughter with a female carrier of either disease to even have a chance of daughters with the disease.

There we go, nicely done. And I hope R appreciates the lack of assumptions on my part for his preferred mode of uh, se-no, uh, screwin-no. Ah, REPRODUCTION.

Context has an upcoming exam
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