like Lazarus, hungry for this. (theohsocurlyone) wrote in metaquotes,
like Lazarus, hungry for this.

iskroot3 brings the snark on a nagging grammar post at torch_wood.

Hello Grammar Police! I feel so much better knowing you're hitting the beat. Also, my words feel much safer knowing you're around.

Just the other days, I saw an "i" instead of an "I" and I couldn't post for hours. No joke! I thought, what if that happened to me? Honestly, you never think that kind of stuff can happen to you until it happens to somebody you know.

By the way, is there a tip line I can call? Wait, would it be cool if I started a community block watch? I bet I could get a few other of my "neighbors" together. This could be fun!

And, when asked permission to metaquote:

Of course.

But get a Beta to check it over first, I may have made some mistakes.

Context is fighting the grammar power.

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