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It's the Divine Comedy, for the record.
Invisible Lolcat
boredom_doodles wrote in metaquotes
athenaltena: Since when in the hell has there been Bible fanfiction?!

weyrdchic: I'm not sure, did The Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost come first?

Context has yet to completely lose its innocence to the Internet, QWP.

How about Hebrew Scholarship, pre- and post-Christian? Lilith isn't in the bible, y'know.

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Lol at pre- and post-Christian... not trying to make fun, I just like the idea that "Christian" was an event that happened and then bam, was over with.

Most Rabbinic extrabiblical narratives would fall into the work of midrash, specifically aggadic midrash, and yes, there's plenty of crazy stuff in there... although the Rabbis themselves would say all the stories were part of the oral Torah, which was handed to Moses at Mt. Sinai along with the written Torah, so they would take issue with the notion of it being fanfiction at all :) It's all part of the same revelation to them!

I have to laugh kind of sadly when people ask those questions. It's kind of like "Oh, I remember the days." Except I'm freaking twenty, man! But someone's about to have their worldview warped, just a little.

*psst* Would you mind fixing the typo? I fixed it in the original post in a ninja-edit. Thanks.

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Does that make Dante the original fanboy?

Although I don't think either of those slashed Jesus and Judas.

Dante was actually the original Canon Stu, though he wasn't that bad, all things considered. ;)

Dude, totally discovered Bible fanfic about....10 minutes ago. Haven't yet looked at it though.

Dante nothing... ever read the Secret Gospel of James? Someone decided there weren't any stories about Jesus as a kid, and so wrote the missing scenes.

Made boy!Jesus something of a brat too... walking up sunbeams himself and then laughing when other kids tried and failed...

Isn't that also the source of the story about chibi!Jesus turning clay birds into actual pigeons?

My favorite book - EVAR - is Bible fanfiction. I have 0% shame.

Well, now I have to know. What book?

What about the Left Behind series? That's pretty fictional.

Yeah, it is pretty much full of Mary Sues

Let's not forget the Book of Mormon.

Now that's a fandom full of wank

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, she started that when she wrote Memnoch The Devil, and she's been steadily veering off course ever since. /mourn

How about the Apocrypha?

It has all the fanficcy goodness you want:
back story, childhood narratives, continuation of the apostles' stories (including gruesome deaths), missing scenes and different PoVs.

Love the Apocrypha. Someone should do a dramatization of the book fo Susannah. Attempted rape, naked women, hypocrites... it's got 'em all!

welll has had bible fanfiction for at least 2 years now... then again they also have minesweeper fiction as well.

Wait..... WHAT?


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
*cracks up*

I once did a essay on Divine Comedy, read the book (or, atleast past hell and to purgatory) first, then started researching about the guy.

I had the biggest " MARTY STU" reaction ever.

And the Renaissance was just full up with people doing Bible fanart...

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