David Alexander McDonald (Steven E. McDonald) (wyldemusick) wrote in metaquotes,
David Alexander McDonald (Steven E. McDonald)

catvalente speaks with serpent's tongue

"Gentlemen, the time has come. We have no other choice."

"But sir!" says a hapless intern. "We could try conventional bombing!"

And the Serious Man shoots him a glare of pure hatred and disdain and strokes the sensuous skin of his beloved serpent as it rests its head on its master's Armani-clad knee and hisses quietly. If this scene is not in the movie, do not tell me, for I will not believe you.

It really shouldn't be a last resort, though, my good man! It should be your first, last, and only resort! There is literally no problem that cannot be solved by releasing an equally large boa. I use it in my everyday life, and it can work for everyone!

You cannot argue that the outcome would not have been infinitely preferable if, instead of $30 billion, the Federal Reserve had released an equally large boa into the Bear Stearns offices.

Context will not boa you.
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