Rhi (ms_shalimar) wrote in metaquotes,

Punctuation, RP-style

fidchell has a novel and amusing lesson in punctuation:

Heed my words, o young warrior, for they are here to help you survive in this cruel world.

Know that there are many paths of punctuation marks in the end of the sentence. Each one as important as the other, for a warrior must learn to be flexible in order to be victorious.

Know that the path of period is one of statement, for a warrior must be confident in front of his superiors and honest to his friends. The path of ellipsis is one of caution, for a warrior must be doubtful of those he trusts not and able to excite the others' curiosity about his thoughts. The path of question mark is one of curiosity, for a warrior must never forget to pursue knowledge in the name of improvement. And the path of exclamation is both one of commanding presence, for a warrior must learn to demonstrate his presence, and surprise, for a warrior should not be ashamed of demonstrating emotion where it matters.

But there are two and only two things that the path of tilde can lead to.

They are seppuku and mercy killing.

QWP, originally posted here at bad_rpers_suck
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