KyRoKo (kyroko) wrote in metaquotes,

the weather changes here more often than most change their underwear.

myownmemento has been having a terrible row with Mother Nature:

Dear Louisiana,

So despite taking Vitamin C supplements for the last two months, drinking tons of Naked juice (basically 4 lbs. of fruit per bottle/ no additional crap like high fructose corn syrup), and swigging two liters of water yesterday, my body has decided to take a break from my 2 years of no illness and has contracted some form of pestilence that is setting up nicely in my chest.

I blame you for this, Louisiana, with your rising pollen level, fickle warm/cold fluxations, and general lack of decorum. I suggest you be the glistening southern belle that every writer, poet, hobo/citizen suggests you can be, take your hormone pills, and strip yourself of the health raping strap-on. I just want raging hot or raging cold for a period longer than twenty minute spurts. I don't think that's too much for a girl to ask.

Coughing like a first time smoker and counting down till moving away,
A very sick and belligerent Whitney


entry is friends-locked and QWP.
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