Amanda Sharpe (amandathegreat) wrote in metaquotes,
Amanda Sharpe

flemco likes to keep us updated on current events:

Tehran's Police Chief caught in bed with SIX HOOKERS.


Lemme get a little frank here:

Two women in bed? Show me a guy who hasn't considered it in detail. Gals, we're filthy pigs, and if you show up in bed unexpectedly leading in another woman for a guy who's over the age of 20, we have a laundry list at least nine sinful acts long of things we want to try. Not sayin', just sayin', two women in the bed is something almost every single hetero male prepares for all his life from his first pube onward. Like getting to gamble legally for the first time, or getting prostate cancer.

Three? Three hookers I can wrap my brain around with very little effort. It does make me wonder about specific configurations, but it could be done - especially if this hypothetical quartet is all about pleasing ME.

Four is where I start to wonder. First off, just how big is this bed? And they all rolled over and one fell out... You got one doing that thing, two teaming up to do the other, but the fourth one is pretty much going to either sit on your face and feed you her holiest of holies (and let's be honest - you gotta REALLY have a thing for eating vadge if you want to go down on a hooker) or find something else to do. Perhaps she'll read aloud to the group.

Five? Now that's just silly. You'd have one who just doesn't fit into the situation unless she's making sandwiches and taking your calls. Really, what do you tell her? "Oops, I miscounted. No refunds? Go wash my car."

So six...

They can't execute this guy under Islamic law. The sword will not be able to reach his neck, because it will be blocked by his almighty, six-whore-needin' schlong and balls.
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