Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

frito_kal has a REAL mystery on her hands!

Okay, so a user calls me, and says her time clock isn't syncing. normally this is an easy fix, I go kick the PC downstairs in charge of making sure all the clocks are synced up and it reboots and it's all good.

Except that she tells me "The blue cable's not in the timeclock." ... and THEN before I can tell her "Uh, did you try putting it back in." she says "And it has all kinds of wires sticking out."

Cue my 15 second pause while I recover from surprise.

How could this happen? Well, normally I'd say that a ravenous vacuum cleaner ate it, but these cables aren't on the floor - they're in little conduits underneath the desks on the trade floor. Doesn't go anywhere near a vacuum, and there isn't enough slack to have it even drape on the floor.

In addition, the piece of cable that connects into the back of the time clock is missing. About a foot of cable, gone.

Ruled out:

Bear cavalry
Shark attack.

Context also likes the copper thief theory.
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