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britpoptarts vents about clueless emails she gets, and appends the following footnotes:

* If you are a Mormon, I apologize. I know the polygamy thing is no longer the default setting for you guys. I've worked with Mormons before, and they were nice folks, but, honestly, I have no idea how you folks survive without the delicious caffeinated beverages.

** Attention, Gentle Readers: A representative from Awesome Nerds Anonymous protested their good name being besmirched by Dullard Dumbfuckistani #2, so a reference to him being a "nerd", which was entirely too complimentary, has been upgraded to the much more accurate "fuckwit". Management hopes this editing decision does not cause you undue hardship or confusion. Thank you.

Context is doing a thesis on social networks, and is starting to regret it.
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