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Collect all six! (Sold separately.)

diatryma and I are discussing the uber-loud Bitch Next Door and her mysterious ways:

kaesa: I have yet to actually see this girl. I have seen her sister, the fluorescent orange emo girl (WORST SUPERHEROINE EVER), and her parents, but never her.
diatryma: What you have to remember about Fluorescent Orange Emo Girl is that she's one of a set. It's only when she meets up with F Pink Prog-rock, F Yellow Country, and F Green Top 40 Hits that her powers really shine. And yeah, later books had Blue Jazz and Purple Whatever The Hell Arcade Fire Is, but those two don't show up as well, and it's only for spectral completeness that they fought the Blacklight Gang at all. The Phosphorettes eventually teamed up with some wussy boy group, but that was just so Pink could have a ridiculous love interest. Why is it always pink that bosses everyone else around?

[Flocked, QWP] Context thinks the franchise went downhill long before that stupid Day-Glo redemption arc.

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