Rohaa (rohaa) wrote in metaquotes,

sabrina_il solves Eastern Mysticism

So, Intro to China. Like 200 people at this lecture. We're learning about the ever elusive Qi (Chi), present in Daoism (and all other aspects of Chinese life).

Professor: It's one of the most difficult terms to define and explain. It makes perfect sense within the Chinese language and culture and it almost impossible to translate. It's not energy, it's a kind of thread that runs through the being of the universe, the thing that makes things become one thing or the other, a power that is manifested in the two facets of the Yin and Yang, the light and dark--

Student: --it's The Force!

Professor: Uh. Well. I guess... yeah. I guess it kind of is like that, yeah.


From here, QWP.

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