Thene (athenemiranda) wrote in metaquotes,

thedilettante, on soccer fen households:

Consider this, from 4 am a few days ago:

applegnat: Did you see. Real Madrid lost.
thedilettante: Ooh. Who to?
applegnat: Real Betis.
thedilettante: Who are an adorable team.
applegnat: I know. Great kits.
thedilettante: You can see their nipples.
applegnat: ...
thedilettante: ...
applegnat: ...
thedilettante: ... biscuit?

Earlier tonight I was trying to explain to Aadisht that being a Liverpool fan (my patriarchal oppressor father made me one when I was too young to have a choice!) had developed in me a sort of humour-in-adversity, the alternative being black despair. As a result of this, I often find my team
winning hilarious. Which is probably why my reaction to tonight's win was to walk into Sups' room at 3 and announce "Oh Liverpool. You can't beat fucking Barnsley".

Context was rooting for Havant & Waterlooville.

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