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From the highly indestructible lj of ffenics...

Went shopping this morning for some bits and bobs I needed, and ended up in the comedy goldmine that is the Mills and Boon section of the corner shop!

I know, I know, I'm sad. I like to scan the spines of those little books of pap to find the funniest title. check this month's contenders out:

BENEATH THE SILK - Not that wierd until you realise the subtitle is "He could go head to head with the devil!"
HER PLAYBOY CHALLENGE - like.... dress up in a bunny suit?
A MAN FOR THE NIGHT - and back to being a woman in the morning?
HIS INCONVENIENT WIFE - yes, he was always tripping over her.
THE OVERLORD'S BRIDE - At least its not overfiend.
THE CHIVALROUS RAKE - gardening tools are teh sexy.

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