alittlebriton (alittlebriton) wrote in metaquotes,

Romance Schmomance

almond_tiger is re-thinking her career:

"I have decided to write the Ultimate Romance Novel. It will be short, of course, and called "Protecting the Naughty Sheik's Cowboy Love Child," which contains all the elements of a popular romance novels combined into one. The cover will feature two extremely wholesome looking white adults, one male and one female, splayed on a grassy field wearing each other's clothes. A mixed-race baby will be crawling towards them with an expression of such joy on its face that it can only be drugged. The book will cost $5.99 and will be available only for the month of May in 2009."

QWP. Context is currently ripping bodices at the local library (f-locked but if you do want the rest of the post, she has a public blog here).

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