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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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fynoda wrote in metaquotes
its_ender describes what it's like to be a volunteer for a sexsomnia study:

listen to the sound of my keyboard claking
you are getting sleepy, very sleeeepy
you are totallllly relaxeddddddd
your eyesssss are gettttting heavyyyyyyyyyyy

wut was that?

Source goes hump in the night, QWP.

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What's a sexsomnia study?

Getting sexed up while you sleep, or something?

Sexsomnia is when you have sex with people while you're asleep. The OP was joking about what it would be like to volunteer for a study of it. Read the source, it'll make more sense.



So I could get molested some night, and if I try to slap the law down on the guy/girl/other, they could just say, "It's not my fault your honor, I have Sexsomnia. At no time was I cognizant of my humping!"?

Then he/she/it gets off scott free, and I'm left being all... sleep sexed?
Nap raped? I'd end up wearing cast iron panties to bed for the rest of my life! Fair? I think not!

(Deleted comment)
"Don't sleep with people you don't want molesting you." or at the very least "Lock the front door."

Hmmm. That's sound advice.

I don't know about sexsomnia specifically, but that thing in House wasn't actually that incredible. My cousin sleepwalks like no other: she once left a friend's house in her sleep and walked halfway home across town, finally waking up on Main Street carrying her shoes. :D Luckily, she hasn't tried to drive yet!

(Of course, this is also the cousin who made P.S. I Love You believable for me in that she spent four days in Ireland and came out with an Irish boyfriend, so, you know, maybe she's actually just living a movie. :P )

She must be a pretty sound sleeper too, though....I mean, I wake up with somebody opens the door, but she didn't wake up until he was already having sex with her? And with a condom on, to boot? What the hell was she on?

Don't get me wrong, that doesn't make it her fault or anything, but it sounds like everyone was a bit out of it in this case.

I think that happened in an episode of SVU this season... but much though I love that show, sometimes the plots bleed together in my head so I can't remember if the kid was found guilty (heh almost said 'got off'), or if it was the 'minor crime' that usually gives way to the jaw-dropping 'bigger crime'...

It was the minor crime. I saw that episode.

Seeing as that comment was in response to mine this is probably the closest I will ever get to being meta'd. Awesome.

Wow...my roommate can have lucid(esque) conversations in her sleep, but this is something I'd never heard of! Kinda freaky...

Also WIN for the Hyde icon!

I've had at least two occasions in my life where I've woken up having sex. Since it happened so rarely and so long ago, my guess is that sometimes the natural hormones just take over and the body goes on autopilot. It's one of the funniest things in retrospect, though.

"Man, I just had the weirdest dream. I was dressed as a bunny in a carnival but really I was a secret agent trying to make sure that terrorists didn't bomb the place and then I started chasing after this guy and ooh yes, harder! Harder!"

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