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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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I suspect she plays too much Scrabulous.
ems wrote in metaquotes
Also, this is highly important and I need to inform the world at once:

I am working on a computer keyboard that is clearly about twenty-seven years old. Most of the letters have rubbed off, and the patterns in which they have done so are almost entirely in accordance with the letters' Scrabblic value. With the exception of C and V, which are low-use and therefore high-value letters in the English language, but which are constantly used on a computer keyboard because of the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V commands, the only letters that are left are Q (10 points), Z (10 points), X (8 points), J (8 points), K (5 points), W (4 points), Y (4 points), half of H (4 points) and half of P (3 points)...

AND THEN THERE IS A RANDOM U. WHAT THE HELL. I have ALWAYS KNOWN that U is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE SCRABBLE LETTER BECAUSE NO ONE EVER USES IT AND YET IT IS ONLY WORTH ONE POINT. I do not CARE that it is a vowel. IT IS A CRAPPY VOWEL. NO ONE EVER USES IT. I AM CONSTANTLY GETTING STUCK WITH HUGE EXCESSES OF U'S ON MY RACK AND I DON'T EVEN GET ANY POINTS TO MAKE UP FOR IT. IT IS A TRAVESTY, THAT. And now my computer keyboard is providing PROOF POSITIVE that the Scrabble game is WRONG WRONG WRONG in its U-point assignation. This is extremely serious. I believe I deserve significant compensation, numbering at least in the thousands of dollars, for the emotional suffering and strain I have undergone over my Scrabble-playing years as a result of this grave error.

I need to write to Hasbro posthaste and include a picture of this keyboard and tell them YOU JUST GO RIGHT NOW AND MAKE THE U BE WORTH AT LEAST FOUR POINTS IMMEDIATELY, MY COMPUTER KEYBOARD SAYS YOU HAVE TO. I have no doubt that they will listen to me. This is just common sense.

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hahahaha...that's amazing. you can has webbernets.

Hahahahaha, I love this post so much. Us are awful, and they always come in groups. I can't even tell you how many times I've been stuck with three us that I cannot for the life of me get rid of. Stupid u. I hate that letter so much.

I agree so much. U may be a vowel, but it's a damn tricksy one. It should be worth more than a point, for pete's sake.

Of course they rubbed off in scrabble order. Letter points were assigned based on the frequency of the letter in English language.

... yes. That's the point. Knowing that is a precursor to understanding the post.

(Deleted comment)
Trust me, I am very familiar with keyboard layouts, having had a Dvorak-using girlfriend

I think my Z would probably go out not long after the C and V. Undo is one of my favorite commands.

But do not underestimate the U! One of my greatest Scrabble wins ever was when I had nothing but a U left at a point when I was a dozen or so points behind my mother. I was about to throw in the U, but then I saw it — like a sign from the god Scrabbilious himself! It was a three-by-three block of squares, all with a letter on them except the center square (Whoopi Goldberg was obviously busy). I honestly don't remember what the letters were exactly, except that H_N was available and so was another, similat series of letters and spaces going the other way. With one U, I rocketed ahead of my mother, who had no more tiles left, and my victory went down in the history books! Of Scrabble. They must exist somewhere.

Totally totally win (and completely TRUE!)

*puts on Aussie hat* Blimey! Fair dinkum, cobber...


*snickers* The only reason you have Us left over is because you don't spell your words correctly. If you did, you'd have plenty of uses for U in words like 'colour', 'neighbour', 'favourite', 'honour', 'armour', 'flavour', 'behaviour' and 'harbour'. *grins and runs away*

As a Britpicker and an American who uses the British spell-check/dictionary on the computer, I completely agree with you.

I pray for the day the American people will be able to discern between 'pants' and 'trousers'.

You mean like, "He pants heavily while pulling down his trousers"?

Is that a Crowley icon? :D

I'm American. Well... my mum's British, and before I was in Doctor Who fandom, it was Harry Potter, but, still, I discern between "pants" and "trousers." So much so that it's become an issue of discerning between "pants" and "underpants".

Well now I just feel like playing Scrabble so I can rage against the U.


Hm. I use Command-H and Command-Q quite a lot, which messes with the ratio a bit... but my keyboard has yet to lose a letter, so that hypothesis shall have to wait.