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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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I suspect she plays too much Scrabulous.
ems wrote in metaquotes
Also, this is highly important and I need to inform the world at once:

I am working on a computer keyboard that is clearly about twenty-seven years old. Most of the letters have rubbed off, and the patterns in which they have done so are almost entirely in accordance with the letters' Scrabblic value. With the exception of C and V, which are low-use and therefore high-value letters in the English language, but which are constantly used on a computer keyboard because of the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V commands, the only letters that are left are Q (10 points), Z (10 points), X (8 points), J (8 points), K (5 points), W (4 points), Y (4 points), half of H (4 points) and half of P (3 points)...

AND THEN THERE IS A RANDOM U. WHAT THE HELL. I have ALWAYS KNOWN that U is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE SCRABBLE LETTER BECAUSE NO ONE EVER USES IT AND YET IT IS ONLY WORTH ONE POINT. I do not CARE that it is a vowel. IT IS A CRAPPY VOWEL. NO ONE EVER USES IT. I AM CONSTANTLY GETTING STUCK WITH HUGE EXCESSES OF U'S ON MY RACK AND I DON'T EVEN GET ANY POINTS TO MAKE UP FOR IT. IT IS A TRAVESTY, THAT. And now my computer keyboard is providing PROOF POSITIVE that the Scrabble game is WRONG WRONG WRONG in its U-point assignation. This is extremely serious. I believe I deserve significant compensation, numbering at least in the thousands of dollars, for the emotional suffering and strain I have undergone over my Scrabble-playing years as a result of this grave error.

I need to write to Hasbro posthaste and include a picture of this keyboard and tell them YOU JUST GO RIGHT NOW AND MAKE THE U BE WORTH AT LEAST FOUR POINTS IMMEDIATELY, MY COMPUTER KEYBOARD SAYS YOU HAVE TO. I have no doubt that they will listen to me. This is just common sense.

slammerkinbabe | context | public

This is the first metaquote that's actually made me laugh in a long time. Frickin's Us, screwin' up my Scrabble.

While you're at it, post the picture here! ..I kind of want to see it.

My keyboard's only (okay, after a moment of "oh, God, how long have I had this computer?" calculation, not so much with the 'only') five years old, and I've lost A, S, E, L, M, N, . and most of the coating off the spacebar. Oh, and the apostrophe is starting to go, as well. (The distribution seems odd to me: I can only assume I hit the middle keys with much less force or something.) There's an actual crater in the A key that's exactly moulded to fit the tip of my little finger.

Stupid crappy-ass Packard Bell compact board.

I love how you can tell how someone hits the spacebar by the wear on it. I hit mine at the very end on the left side (so with my left thumb curled in a bit) where my mom hits it with her right thumb near the center. We have shiny spots there (same model laptop, so it wears in similar ways). :P

She needs to send them her findings. That keyboard is just not right.

Bahahah! I was thinking the same thing!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah. Once upon a time, hoarding Us had a purpose.

The U is only useless until you get a Q. Then you can put SQUADS down on a triple word score and COMPLETELY STEAL THE GAME. MUAHAHAAHA. TAKE THAT, MOM!

*ahem* My point being: U+Q=OTP. Though, yes, it should most definitely be worth more points.

Or you can put QUAY on a triple word score, and then on your next turn, add the S to make it QUAYS and score yet again more points! AND COMPLETELY WIPE THE BOARD WITH YOUR MOM!

Er, yes.

Why doesn't Scrabble (or Scrabulous) include a few auto 'Qu's, as in Boggle?

I used to have a dodgy "W" .Seemy usernme,based on my initials to see how irritating it was.

Damn "u"s I've been stuck with ALL 4 at the end of the game. *grumble complain*


Just had to delurk because my previous office keyboard has found its keyboard soulmate or something.

The keys that are left look like strange forms of Punctuation!


I've been reading metaquotes too long, because that gave me a totally wrong mental image.

Yeah, I'll stop there.

Cthulhu for the literal win. :D

I agree. Also, can we talk about the excessive distribution of I's versus the dearth of S's? I cannot tell you how many hours I've spent with a rack that looks like something Woodstock would say.