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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
Disapproval Face
mcity wrote in metaquotes
trisandrockets: Finding wank in Fandom Secrets seems to be like shooting fish in a barrel. With no water. Also, the barrel is made of fish.

Context, QWP

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Sorta a GIP. But there's more!

I tried to read it a couple times but I got a total headache.

Plus I'm confused as to why people would actually care about 99% of them. "I write non con as therapy to get over an abusive childhood," I get as something you might want to get off your chest but not reveal who you are.

"I'm a BNF in this ship," in bright bold letters, "but secretly? I love this one ," written in flowing script, over two sets of cartoon characters that all look the same- that seems to be more par for the course.

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