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Disapproval Face
mcity wrote in metaquotes
trisandrockets: Finding wank in Fandom Secrets seems to be like shooting fish in a barrel. With no water. Also, the barrel is made of fish.

Context, QWP

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How odd. Really? I haven't seen it, but from the previews and reviews and raves, it seems rather wholesome.

Doesn't strike me as surprising. The whole concept of the movie seems condescending and obnoxious to me, but then again, I also felt that way about Knocked Up, and I haven't seen either flick.

I kind of want to see Juno, because I thought the actress was cute as a bug, but I never saw KU. Never wanted to, really.

It sparked a nice bit of pregnancy wank, actually.

Here's the wank report entry. There's more wank than that, but it's a good start.

Basically, it all boils down to, "My brother's girlfriend got pregnant, therefore she's a whore. Therefore, all teenage girls who get pregnant are whores, therefore Juno is glorifying teenage whoredom. QED."

Followed by lots of, "Uhh...noooo," and a couple of, "Well, I dunno about Juno, but anyone who gets pregnant by accident is a brainless whore." And the coup de grace: "Well, I only say it's entirely the girl's fault for not keeping her legs together because I hate men!" Lots of WTFery to be had.

Goodness. Good thing those people don't live in my city, then.

Should still be snarked on the front page of sf_drama.

Why do I keep trying to type "snark" as "snake"? It's annoying!

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