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Disapproval Face
mcity wrote in metaquotes
trisandrockets: Finding wank in Fandom Secrets seems to be like shooting fish in a barrel. With no water. Also, the barrel is made of fish.

Context, QWP

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That is the truest truth to ever grace truthdom.

This is very, very true. It's why I'm not a member.

Sometimes I think I'm the only person on the Internet who doesn't enjoy wank. Where did I get such a fragile skin?

You're not the only one, there's at least two of us.

So true. That place can be a madhouse sometimes.


That place is fun, though. Ah, so much crazy. We love it.

Oh yes. Especially when people post about furries. Or, strangely, the movie Juno.


How odd. Really? I haven't seen it, but from the previews and reviews and raves, it seems rather wholesome.

Excellent quote, but I must inform you that you know absolutely nothing about silver.

Whatever my failings with silver, I do know about Eulalie.

Oh god, that place. I tried to like it, I really did. Then every secret became "OMG PAIRING."

Sorta a GIP. But there's more!

I tried to read it a couple times but I got a total headache.

Plus I'm confused as to why people would actually care about 99% of them. "I write non con as therapy to get over an abusive childhood," I get as something you might want to get off your chest but not reveal who you are.

"I'm a BNF in this ship," in bright bold letters, "but secretly? I love this one ," written in flowing script, over two sets of cartoon characters that all look the same- that seems to be more par for the course.

they actually did this on Mythbusters, of which i am a huge fan. and not could you actually hit the fish in the said barrel, but the shockwaves from the shot would kill all the fish anyway.

yeah there should be an "only" in that sentence. i'll leave it your imagination

Hah, I'm chuckling like crazy right now... that's amazing. Also, the barrel is made of fish. Hee hee hee... so happy.

funny and true!

thats why i dont go to fandom secrets

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