Invert Sugar (montrealais) wrote in metaquotes,
Invert Sugar

The Conservatives' media strategy revealed! It involves scorpions.

In this thread in canpolitik on Prime Minister Harper's self-aggrandizement, sourdick says:

Cool, a Harper-bash thread. Let's all knash our teeth for no reason at the PM that everyone said was going to NUKE THE CHARTER and turn normal loving Canadians INTO SCORPIONS WITH THE POWER OF HIS MIND[...]

To which felis_ultharus retorts:

Bah. If Harper ever really announced that he was going to turn people into scorpions with the power of his mind, the Harper supporters would just accuse his critics of being out of touch with the times.

It would also be claimed we're guilty of kneejerk anti-Americanism because the scorpion-policy would just be in line with a similar policy announced by Bush, and part of a coordination of North American policy begun at the SPP talks.
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