guestyperson (guestyperson) wrote in metaquotes,

I, for one, welcome our new phallocratic overlords

charles_rb is secretly in the Online Transformers and Wagner fans association.

Aside from using the term "transformative" without explaining what the flying fuck it actually MEANS, the linked post fails majorly as the LJer seems to believe all men have the same mind and views, as dictated by the Central Phallocracy, and generally being the soulless Vehicon Drones to female fandom's band of Heroic Maximals who will bring love, harmony and trees to FandomTron. Except, wait, the female fans based on that post are _all_ interested in the same things and have the same views (and SHOULD have the same views), so it's actually a conflict between _two_ armies of soulless Vehicon Drones under central genital command.


So I'm seeing rampant sexism against men, rampant sexism against _women_ by claiming all women are the same and must "logically" support OTW coz it's mostly female, and then sexism & general prejudice against transgenders to complete the Holy Trilogy. This is fail on an epic scale. This is a Wagner Cycle of fail.

"Weiche, Wotan, weiche!" Context then bears him 8 daughters.
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