ngaio (ngaio) wrote in metaquotes,

From cesperanza's journal:

2) In the spirit of 'just having returned from Rome', Curtis and I rented Gladiator (or as Curtis kept calling it, "Radiator") last night, which neither of us had seen before. And really, it's kind of Gypsy with violence, isn't it? This is what boys watch instead of musical theatre, I think. Oliver Reed was kind of a Mama Rose figure, and I kept doing a falsetto of Russell saying, "I'm pretty, Mama!" as he discovered, while doing theatre in the provinces, that he was a star!! Seriously, this was a Judy Garland vehicle if I ever saw one; it should have been Russell saying, somewhat tearily, "This. Is Mrs. Norman Maine," and then dropping dead in the Colosseum. "There's No Business Like Show no business I knowwwwwww...." (/Ethel Merman)

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