Dio (diachrony) wrote in metaquotes,

i wish mine worked this well.

slacker97 waxes rapturous over his new eyeglass prescription:
HOLY CRAP I CAN SEE! Things have definition and I can read small text and those lights on the mountains from the homes scattered across them...well I always knew they were homes and not just blinky lights in my eyes, but now it's almost beautiful. I was watching tv and when scrolling through the guide I didn't have to say "Wait...ok you can go. Wait!...ok you can go.WAIT...ok you can go" because I was RIGHT THERE WITH IT! Keeping up like a normal non "wah! I can't see!" person! TV was so much more colorful. Did you know Tina Fey wore glasses on 30 Rock? I just thought she had really dark rings around her eyes. Tina Fey is so awesome.
Context also named his plant "Plant."

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