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mamarose has this to say today:

"This is a phone sex line, and Obama won't stop calling it."

Context is here:

So let's talk about the phone line for a second. I have given NO ONE the number. Only the phone company knows it. It is a land line without long distance, and I only take incoming calls on it. I own a toll-free number, which I route to this line (can route it anywhere, actually) so when it rings, I answer assuming it's a caller. If it is a caller, I hear a chime and have to punch in a code to connect with the caller. If I do not hear a chime, I answer "business line".

This alone has been enough for other two campaigns to stop calling me. But not Obama. 7 calls yesterday, 3 were prerecorded. Two of the four live calls were informed that this is not only a business line, but a phone sex line. This did not stop either person from trying to get me to caucus for Obama.

From a locked post. QWP.
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