The donut you wish you had not eaten (limbodog) wrote in metaquotes,
The donut you wish you had not eaten

On prayers

tisana offers a prayer to thermal activity on a 5 degree day in Boston:

A prayer
Our Indoor Heating, Who art heavenly, hallowed be thy flame.

On these asthma-rific days, when the bus cometh not, we are grateful for the silk thermals, which allow us to walk through the Windchill of Death, and for the Yaktrax, which enable us to trespass over the ice that would make us slip and fall on our backs.

And lead us not into the hell of overheated subways, but deliver us from the evil of frostbite.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory of civilization.

Forever and ever. (At least until summer.)


QWP - Context prays for your sole.
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